Manueel Verzinkbare Paal

Two styles of bollard, two different heights for frequent and quick access to protected or restricted areas.
Single piece units made in 12-15mm cast iron weighing up to 37 kg in a 150 kg casting. Resistant to impacts of up to 6000 joules.
Supplied with full installation and maintenance instructions which must be carefully followed.
Applied force of 45 kg is required to retract the bollard.
Primer coated cast iron, painted. Available in our RAL colours.
Operation With one turn of the key, the bollard rises and automatically locks into the raised position. To retract the bollard: Turn the key and remove it, then apply vertical pressure to the dome of bollard with the foot, until it locks automatically in the lowered position.
The lock unit The lock unit is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel lock protector is spring loaded and shields the mechanism from ingress of dirt. The standard lock supplied uses an 11 mm triangle key.
Ground-Cover Removable for maintenance. Made of 60 mm cast iron, Ø 460 or Ø 340 mm according to models. Non-slip with a raised paved effect and a slope calculated to allow water to run off. Coated black on primer coat. Fixed to the casing by 4 stainless steel Hex socket cap head screws: Ø 10 mm. Screw heads protected by removable rubber caps.
The casing A fixed 3mm casing, made of galvanised sheet steel, with strong lifting eyelets for quick and easy installation.
The sliding mecanism Supports the bollard and equipped with guide ball bearings, distortion resistant, hard wearing. The bollard is activated by a sealed gas piston and slides vertically in a removable drum inserted in the ground-fixed outer casing.
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